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Streak-Snappers: Sox Win Three in a Row Against Atlanta

After a 10- game losing streak, arguably the darkest period in recent Red Sox memory since the days of Bobby Valentine, Boston has turned it around and won two game in a row against Atlanta. Boston came into Monday stuck in a notorious slump, where both their pitching and hitting failed. They had dropped 10 […]

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9/22 Online Seats Game Thread: Bird on a Wire

Baltimore Orioles (61-90) @ Boston Red Sox (83-68) Kevin Millwood (3-15, 5.14) @ John Lackey (12-11, 4.63) 7:10 PM EDT | Fenway Park (Boston, Mass) TV: NESN RADIO: WEEI 850, SBN 1150 GAME NOTES: Well last night’s loss was just flat out embarrassing. Staring down a serious sweep by the worst team in the division, […]

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9/4 Online Seats Game Thread: Hurricane Double Header (Part 2)

Chicago White Sox (73-61) @ Boston Red Sox (77-58)   Gavin Floyd (9-11, 3.86) @ John Lackey (12-8, 4.60) 7:10 PM EDT | Fenway Park (Boston, Mass) TV: NESN RADIO: WEEI 850, SBN 1150   GAME NOTES: In the second game of the double header, the Nation will see just how sorry Manny Ramirez is, […]

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07/10 Online Seats Game Thread: Adding Insult to Injury

After the Jays took an absolute shelling on their home turf, the Boston Red Sox’s will look to add more insult to injury, as John Lackey will take on Brandon Morrow.

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7/4 Online Seats Game Thread: Boston's Patriots

The Boston Red Sox’s will look to celebrate America’s birthday the right way, with a series close out of the Baltimore Orioles in today’s matinee.

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6/29 Online Seats Game Thread: Home Sweet Home

After a seemingly endless road stint that left the Boston Red Sox bruised and battered, they will have to mount up once again to take on the Tampa Bay Rays. John Lackey will head out to the mound for Boston, while James Shields will try to handle the Red Sox callups.

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6/23 Online Seats Game Thread: Can the Sox Hit Jimenez?

Ubaldo Jiminez has been notching a season for the record books in 2010, but the Boston Red Sox will look to John Lackey as they try to rewrite history in the making.

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6/17 Online Seats Game Thread: Saving Time for the Celtics

John Lackey and the Boston Red Sox are nice enough to start their last game against the Arizona Diamondbacks at tad early. Let’s just hope that the Celtics take advantage as they face the Laker’s in Game 7.

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6/11 Online Seats Game Thread: The Best of the NL

Sometimes interleague play brings you the Pittsburgh Pirates. Other times, it brings you the Philadelphia Phillies. Let’s hope the Boston Red Sox can maintain their swagger as they take on one of the best squads in the NL.

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Finding the key to Lackey

MLB: Red Sox vs Tigers MAY 16

I’ve struggled this season to answer why John Lackey has been so off from anything we have seen from him previously. His Pitch F/x says he has added more cutters, but is that the only change and is it real? After some research I think I have found more of an answer and perhaps bring us closer to a solution.

Let’s start from the top with Lackey’s career K/BB at 2.62 he stands as a very solid arm, but in 2010 he has a dismal 1.22. That comes from troubles in strikeouts and walks and little evidence in the numbers to point to one problem. I have spent plenty of time on this site trying to figure it out since he could be the hinge for the 2010 season being successful.

Finally thanks to the Fangraphs.com splits I think I can get a step closer to identifying the problem. If you look at his K/9, BB/9 and K/BB in his lefty vs righty numbers there is a huge red flag. Against right handed batters this year Lackey has a stellar 3.83 K/BB with great control. Then you look at his lefty match-up and you see an amazingly bad 0.62 K/BB.

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