The Days Turn Into Night, Or Do They?

For those Fenway Faithful who have committed themselves to watching every pitch of the 2010 season thus far, you have endured exactly 1,196 minutes of baseball – 19.9333 hours. Mazel Tov.

Long games have certainly become a trend in MLB, a phenomenon that is being discussed across the board. Just last night, Orel Hershiser and Joe Morgan were posturing possible reasons for the seemingly exponential delay of pace this year. But is the trend all that new?

The real question isn’t which rope to hang ourselves with, especially compare it when you compare it to ghosts of opening week’s past.

Sox Take R&R in KC, Buchholz Picks Up Where He Left Off

MLB: Red Sox vs Royals APR 11

R&R in KC

After winning the home opener, the Sox looked quite sluggish in their encore performances against the Yanks. What they needed was a little R&R against a weak out-of-division opponent — and the KC Royals came to the rescue.

Though the pitching staff managed to make the series interesting — including dropping the first content by virtue of Okajima’s and Bard’s eighth inning bullpen lapses — there were many positives to take away from the road trip to Missouri…

BOS 10, KC 3 – Clay Delivers, KC Flops… Again

Red Sox 10 – Kansas City 3

Apparently, playing spoiler isn’t as fun as the media makes it out to be. You get burned more often than you succeed.

With little more than a week left in the season, the Royals look to put the finishing touches on another disappointing campaign.

KC has played admirably in the last few days, though tonight they were clearly overmatched by a young fireballer at the top of his game. In the end, the Royals got their scheduled paychecks, while the Sox got additional restitution for Tuesday’s loss and draw one step closer to the Wild Card.