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About Last Night: Post-Break Rejuvenation?

Are the Red Sox turning a new leaf, or is this just a minor victory on the long, slow, inexorable march towards the AL East cellar?

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7/16 Online Seats Game Thread: Second Half Stumble

Not exactly the way to start off the second half of the year, but the Boston Red Sox will try to get some vengeance against youngster Colby Lewis, as Felix Doubront looks for a second win on the year.

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7/15 Online Seats Game Thread: Welcome Back

Welcome back boys and girls. Hope you all enjoyed your nice, relaxing All-Star break (we all know David Ortiz did). The Boston Red Sox’s are one of the few teams back in action tonight, as veteran Tim Wakefield looks to improve on his ugly record against youngster Tommy Hunter and the revamped Texas Rangers.

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07/10 Online Seats Game Thread: Adding Insult to Injury

After the Jays took an absolute shelling on their home turf, the Boston Red Sox’s will look to add more insult to injury, as John Lackey will take on Brandon Morrow.

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7/6 Online Seats Game Thread: Red Sox Go to the Well, Again

It was, indeed, a cold comeback from a nice holiday weekend. Now, as the injuries continue to mount, the Boston Red Sox’s will need to get creative in order to keep their footing in the AL East, sending Felix Doubront to the hill to face Jeff Niemann.

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6/30 Online Seats Game Thread: The Beast of the East

The Boston Red Sox seemed to have settled in nicely at home with last night’s win over the Tampa Bay Rays. Daisuke Matsuzaka will try to make it two for Boston, as he goes against Tampa’s Matt Garza.

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6/29 Online Seats Game Thread: Home Sweet Home

After a seemingly endless road stint that left the Boston Red Sox bruised and battered, they will have to mount up once again to take on the Tampa Bay Rays. John Lackey will head out to the mound for Boston, while James Shields will try to handle the Red Sox callups.

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6/28 Online Seats Game Thread: Pyrrhic Victory

The Boston Red Sox have sacrificed life and limb to take the series against San Francisco, but the Giants will send out The Freak, Tim Lincecum, to try to nab the rubber match from the Sox.

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6/25 Online Seats Game Thread: Heading Further West

After narrowly avoiding the sweep at the hands of the Rockies, the Boston Red Sox will head further west to try their luck against the Giants.

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6/23 Online Seats Game Thread: Can the Sox Hit Jimenez?

Ubaldo Jiminez has been notching a season for the record books in 2010, but the Boston Red Sox will look to John Lackey as they try to rewrite history in the making.

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