Sam Killay (MVN Devil Rays columnist and frequent commenter on Fire Brand) came up last night to attend the parade with me. As Sam said to me today, his passion is the Red Sox, his hobby is the Devil Rays. Dave Cohen (MVN webmaster) was also supposed to come up, but he unfortunately was stricken down with illness. Sam and I headed over to the Prudential and set up shop at 7:15 AM. I ran into Walgreen’s and I got a Sports Illustrated Commemorative Edition on the Red Sox’s World Series win, and I got the World Series program. I also got a blanket for Sam and I to sit on. Pretty soon we realized that one blanket was not enough, so Sam went and got two more, and it was perfect. We just hung around and chatted. Time flew by quickly, and the parade was great. I think the duck boats moved a little too fast. It was going maybe 7-10 mph. I would have preferred 3-5. I’m not sure if those estimations are right, but either way, I thought they could have shaved the mph they were traveling in half. The parade was a blast. Check out the pictures below. I had a lot of fun, and it was worth it.
The Boston Red Sox won the World Series!
>> Prior to the Parade. We were across the street from the Prudential Center. This is around 9 AM, so it was just starting to fill up.
>> A shot down the street showing the police officers.
>> Police were kind to the crowd and became glorified picture-takers.
>> Sam Killay (MVN Devil Rays) and I. I reveal myself!
>> Police on bikes in advance of the parade park their bikes by us for a couple seconds to allow the duck boats to catch up.
>> The contingent of officers immediately before the boats.
>> The first boat!
>> The second boat with the old Sox players.
>> “El Tiante” (Luis Tiant) waves to the crowd.
>> Showing who of the old-timers are in the parade. Jim Corsi guards the signs.
>> Boat three with the trophy!
>> (L to R) McCarty, Bellhorn, Damon (holding trophy).
>> Not a good shot of Damon, good shot of the trophy.
>> Damon holds the trophy as Dave Roberts waves and Pokey Reese plays to the crowd (L to R).
>> Larry Lucchino (President) and John Henry (Principal Owner).
>> Kevin Millar likes my camera. Manny’s too busy holding a poster, and Doug Mientkiewicz tapes the parade.
>> Millar is happy, and so is Manny!
>> The poster that a fan handed Manny.
>> Mientkiewicz films as Orlando Cabrera makes a statement, holding a broom.
>> The broom.
>> Theo “Frat Boy” Epstein.
>> The coaches of the Red Sox.
>> Theo in foreground, Mientkiewicz in background.
>> Varitek and Mirabelli are too cool to be in the back on the platform. It’s the hood for them!
>> Trot Nixon speaks, Gabe Kapler looks on.
>> D-Lowe, the person that clinched every series this year.
>> Lowe and a happy Pedro.
>> Lowe, Pedro, Wakefield (red hat), Schilling (white and blue hat in between Wakefield and the black leather jacket guy on the right).
>> Curtis Leskanic.
>> Shot of the reliever boat.
>> Ellis Burks and Adam Hydzu.
>> Alan Embree looks spiffy.
>> Foulke and Embree converse. Foulke is in the middle.
>> Bronson Arroyo tapes the proceedings.
>> Confetti!
>> Wally the Green Monster.
>> The players continue down the street.
>> The end of the procession.
>> Cutting through the Prudential, the sign while going up the elevators.