This is the week. The week of judgement and decision. The week where the warriors step up to the plate and the losers take a seat on the bench. The week where the playoff seedings are decided. This is the biggest week of the regular season. The biggest week of our lives as diehard Red Sox fans, or at least we should view it that way.
So put down the books and the papers. Put down the electric bills and unplug the phones. Just sit back, relax and watch some Red Sox baseball. This is the season riding on a single week, a special week culminating in a three game series at the Pahk against the Yankees, who just happen to be tied with the Sox for first place. Could this get any better? Would a possible one game playoff just completely end the world altogether?
So fire up the grill, thrown on some dogs and grab a cold one, because this is quite frankly, as good as it gets. The home field is a great advantage to have, because playing at Fenway Park is like discovering a gold mine. We BASH up in our hizzouse. The Yanks then come into town so we can put them out of their misery and send them home packing. October, please welcome the defending World Champs.
Oh yeah, and it??s official, there really is a Fenway Park South. I couldn??t believe the amount of Red Sox fans at Camden Yards this weekend. It??s got to be downright embarrassing for the Orioles management and players to see David Wells leave to a standing ovation. Every single camera angle NESN presented had at least one Red Sox hat, jersey, or Johnny Damon beard. Really astounding.
One more thing: How bout those Pats! Is Tom Brady unbelievable or what?