– From RH in the comments: The Red Sox have agreed to a 5-year deal worth $74Million with JD Drew.
– Manny Ramirez to the Dodgers still looks like the best possibility, but word is there are many other interested teams inquiring that we don’t know about. The Padres recently bolstered their offer (no doubt in response to word that the Dodgers were the front runners) but it is unknown who was offered. Word is circulating that Jake Peavy and/or Adrian Gonzalez is involved, but this is only gossip with no unsubstantiated rumors and shouldn’t be taken seriously. What does seem concrete is Scott Linebrink’s name.
– The Yankees are hoping to sign Kei Igawa to a four-year deal that’s about $16 million to $17 million in total dollars. I can’t see that happening, but now the Yankees can stop complaining about the excessive posting fee. If Igawa is worth a $25 million posting fee, Matsuzaka is worth $51.1.
– The Giants will sign Mark Loretta, but they are waiting to see if arbitration is offered to Loretta. If so, the Giants would have to cough up their first-round pick. The Red Sox should – they can either get a first-round pick or Loretta back, which are two good things.