There’s way too much stuff going on at the winter meetings for me to post any comprehensive article today. It’s about Manny today, as there were a blizzard of news.
First, as we all probably know by now, Sunday at midnight (so technically Monday) the Red Sox and Dodgers met to chat about Manny. Reportedly, the Red Sox and Dodgers left the meetings with the Dodgers believing there was only a 5% chance of a deal getting done, as the Red Sox’s asking price was three of the Dodger’s best prospects.
A deal with the Mariners has surfaced with J.J. Putz heading to Boston and also a three-way with J.J. Putz and Adam Jones to Boston, Richie Sexson to San Francisco, and Manny and Noah Lowry to Seattle.
The Nationals are chatting with the Red Sox too, with Chad Cordero to Boston, Manny to the Giants, and Noah Lowry to the Nationals.
Wednesday, the Red Sox will shift from exploratory talks to listen-only mode on Manny. This means significant progress will have to be made today if there is a chance of a trade happening during this week. The Red Sox are doing the right thing here, as they need to focus on other things during the Winter Meetings, such as signing free agents and discussing other trades. The Manny stretch drive is here, and if the Red Sox don’t deal him by the end of December, I would hope all talks are shut down so we can move on.
The Mariners, Nationals, Giants and Angels have all spoken with the Red Sox about Manny so far. Manny gave the Red Sox a list of 13 teams he would accept a trade to, and all reports are that he has no interest in forcing a contract extension or options being picked up, and the Red Sox have made it clear to him if he holds up any trade, he will not be moved and will not be moved at all in the future years. So for those tired of the Manny rumors, if he’s not dealt this year, he will never be.
J.J. Putz is … amazing. I would love Putz. He tossed 78.1 IP this past year, saving 36 games with a 0.92 WHIP and 2.30 ERA. He had 13 walks and 104 strikeouts.
Let me go over this again.
78.1 IP
13 BB
104 K
.207 BAA
4 HR
59 H
36 SV
I mean … WHAT? WHAT? Is this guy HUMAN? This is Papelbon-esque numbers. He’s 29 years old and has one more year left at minimum salary before hitting arbitration.
Jonathan Broxton and James Loney remain the cream of the crop to me, but J.J. Putz as a Red Sox? Zero complaints.

[Updates] Throughout Tuesday, I will update with news and rumors that occur. The important stuff that happened Monday was that Vincente Padilla returned to the Texas Rangers, Rich Aurilia signed with the Giants, Bengie Molina is on the cusp of doing so, Jose Guillen is a Mariner, Chris Carpenter remains in St. Louis until at least 2012, and Greg Maddux is about to be a Padre.
12:17 AM: The Chicago Tribune says free agent Julio Lugo will sign with Boston.
12:51 AM: The Pirates are chasing Trot Nixon. Interesting. OK, bed time. See you all the next time I update.
11:02 AM: Mark Loretta was offered a contract from the Reds. Word is that Jon Lester’s cancer is in rehab, and the Red Sox have received a “legitimate” offer for Manny Ramirez.
11:14 AM: Jason Jennings is probably headed somewhere soon, as the rumors are flying fast and furious on him.
12:37 PM: Even though Tom Verducci is the only source saying this, Andy Pettite could return to the Bombers by the end of the week. The Phillies could deal Aaron Rowand for a starting pitcher back to the White Sox (Freddy Garcia?) then trade Jon Leiber for bullpen help. The Orioles have the top offer into Luis Gonzalez, and are talking to the Mariners about Ben Broussard. In addition, the Orioles and Braves have discussed a four-player deal sending Brian Roberts and Hayden Penn to Atlanta for Adam LaRoche and Marcus Giles. According to Baseball Prs0pectus the Sox rejected Broxton and LaRoche for Manny.
1:00 PM: Rotoworld: The Mercury News believes the Giants would have to send Noah Lowry, Jonathan Sanchez and Brian Wilson to Washington in order to pull off the rumored three-team Manny Ramirez deal. If the Giants were willing to do that, the Nationals could send both Chad Cordero and Felipe Lopez to Boston.
4:00 PM: The Red Sox are in the talks for Eric Gagne, and also inquired into Mike Gonzalez and Salomon Torres of the Pirates. The Sox will meet with Julio Lugo’s agents Tuesday, and word is Lugo wants to turn down more money from the Mets to be a shortstop in Boston. Francona told XM Radio that he very much doubts Manny will be traded. Truth or spin?
6:25 PM: Steve Phillips reports Julio Lugo is headed to Boston. This may also open up more flexibility on Boston’s end for the Manny talks. Kevin Mench and Jose Capellan are rumored to go to Philly for Jon Lieber. WFAN had earlier said Lugo had a 4-year, $36 million contract on the table from the Mets. The Sox probably gave him four years at $32-$40 million.
7:53 PM: Jon Lester confirmed he is cancer-free. Scott Boras has confirmed J.D. Drew will get five years at $70 million from the Red Sox and the Red Sox said that the Manny talks were all but dead. Count on Manny or Wily Mo Pena moving for bullpen help.
10:09 PM: Julio Lugo will recieve four years, $36 million to become the Sox’s shortstop. Rotoworld also agrees with me that Lugo is an underrated defender. Find a closer now, Theo! I’m content with SS Lugo 1B Youkilis DH Ortiz LF Ramirez RF Drew 3B Lowell C Varitek CF Crisp 2B Pedroia. Instead of keeping Pena on the bench ANOTHER year, get a quality pen arm for him, or deal Manny already!