We’re going to keep an updated Winter Meetings column going today because there’s way too many news going on.
8:22 PM: The Yankees lost out on Ted Lilly, who is heading to the Chicago Cubs for four years and $40 million, but still have a one year pact out to Andy Pettitte worth $15 million and they are willing to tack on a second year.
Apparently J.J. Putz is untouchable (but yet they’ll deal Rafael Soriano for Horacio Ramirez?) so it looks as if the Manny Ramirez talks really are dead.
4:47 PM: Yahoo Sports! is reporting that the Red Sox have asked the Mariners for J.J. Putz, Adam Jones, and a third player. We’ll see if the Mariners bite. I’d like to know who the third player is.
4:33 PM: Francona still believes Manny won’t be traded, and isn’t paying attention to the ESPN Deportes report. While I do believe little stock should be put in that report, I also think little stock should be put into Francona’s opinion. Fenway is the home of silent lips. The only stock I put in is if we leave the winter meetings with Manny still in tow. We’re meeting with Doug Mirabelli’s agent about a possible return.
1:36 PM: Jason Schmidt has chosen the Dodgers for three years and $47 millions. This could help accelerate the departure of Brad Penny, perhaps to Boston.
1:02 PM: ESPN Deportes reports that Manny could be traded to the Dodgers or Mariners today. Rotoworld has the story.

The report states that the Dodgers are willing to part with Brad Penny and two prospects, while the Mariners have offered both Richie Sexson and Adrian Beltre. There’s little chance of the Red Sox taking back both players from the Mariners, but they could conceivably acquire one along with J.J. Putz. The Red Sox would probably want at least Jonathan Broxton along with Penny from the Dodgers. However, the idea of potentially using Penny as a closer is an intriguing one.

Thoughts: Youkilis to left? There’s no way in my mind the Red Sox get Sexson and Beltre unless we plan on shipping Sexson to San Francisco or Beltre to the Dodgers. Penny is definitely an intriguing idea, but I’d much rather a proven closer in the position, although Penny, Broxton, and a prospect might work out so we can move Broxton along in a setup role. Stay tuned.
The Philadelphia Inquirer says a deal sending Jon Lieber to Milwaukee for Kevin Mench and Derrick Turnbow will happen if the Phillies can cobble together a Freddy Garcia trade from the White Sox, probably using Aaron Rowand and Gavin Floyd as the pieces to get Garcia.
David Dellucci and Joe Borowski officially are Cleveland Indians.
The Royals acquired Brian Bannister from the Mets for closer Amborix Burgos, who is still only 22 years old. Nod to the Mets on this one.
Here’s a Globe article on how J.D. Drew is unfairly being skewered by Boston fans and media. Let’s give him a chance, people. Let’s not set him up to fail by booing him or jumping on him immediately after a strikeout or gaffe. He’s a Red Sox, let’s support him until we have a reason not to.
As for Lugo, why can’t you think positive, too? He’s got very good range albeit bad hands, he’s got some speed, he can hit the ball, with a good eye.

“He is very contagious,” Devil Rays manager Joe Maddon said. “In the dugout prior to the game, this guy is the kind of guy that runs up and down the dugout, slaps everybody, high-five, has a special handshake for everybody, plays with enthusiasm always.