I’m sure some of you, albeit not all of you perhaps, will be happy to know that the Red Sox and J.D. Drew have finally reached an agreement. The deal is still for five years, $70 million as was expected. There is however a clause in it that now protects the Red Sox from medical problems Drew may experience in the future. Turns out what the Red Sox really saw when Drew took his physical were shoulder issues that could cause a decline in power in something like three to five years. I had originally heard that it may cause him to lose his power as early as next season.
According to the deal the Red Sox could void Drew’s contract either after the third or fourth year if he goes on the disabled list for anything directly related to the shoulder problem that the Red Sox found. If Drew goes onto the disabled list for some other cause then the contract remains exactly as it is. The Red Sox are to announce the deal tomorrow. Drew is not expected to be there.