With the recent news that Roger Clemens has signed a contract with the Yankees worth a prorated $28 million for the course of the year, Zach, Evan and Mike attempt to make sense of it all…
We were all fooled by Roger Clemens. While the speculation mounted, the message board posters debated and the anticipation built towards an announcement from the Rocket, the plan was intact all along. When Andy Pettitte departed from the Astros and joined the Yankees, the decision was final. Before the season began and the first pitch was thrown, Clemens had made up his mind. Even during the bogus conversations between hopeful Theo Epstein, John Henry and the Red Sox front office took place, the Hendricks brothers and Clemens were already packing their bags for the Bronx.
You can deny the facts all you want and continue to kid yourself, or you can admit Roger Clemens would have meant a great deal to the Boston Red Sox this season. As we learned in 2006, you can NEVER have enough pitching. A Clemens acquisition would given Boston, inarguably, the deepest and most talented rotation in the major leagues and would have allowed Jon Lester