5:16 PM A potential roster crunch was just solved … unfortunately. Brendan Donnelly is undergoing Tommy John surgery and will be out for the year. He did quite well for the BoSox and will be missed. However, it does ease the crunch on the bullpen. The bullpen will now have one person exiting (Snyder? Delcarmen?) instead of two.
4:15 PM It just took me a half hour to log into this via myphone but Eric Gagne has accepted the deal! He waived the no-trade clause, it is said, because the Sox guaranteed all incentives. Welcome to Boston! We’ll see if he arrives in time for the game tonight (flying in from Cleveland).
3:18 PM Last update for a bit. The Red Sox are currently in negotiations with Gagne about coming to Boston. The stumbling blocks of Gagne wanting to close and the money due him are issues that the Sox will have to dispel. While Murphy and Beltre are expected to head south with Gabbard, only Gabbard has been the principal name discussed, according to a direct source. Don’t forget that we will get draft picks in the off-season once Gagne departs to close elsewhere.
2:52 PM The Jermaine Dye deal is all but dead, says Ken Rosenthal. In more pressing news, there are reports coming out that the Red Sox are sending Texas a third player – Engel Beltre. Beltre was one of the more coveted amateur Dominican Republic signings last year, inking for $575,000 with the Red Sox. The outfielder is hitting .215/.314/.413 for the Gulf Coast League Red Sox. Only 17, he projects to be quite a power hitter, a five-tooler in every aspect. He’s only 17, though, so this is all projection. I’m okay with this. Not pleased, but okay.
2:27 PM Old friend Mike Edelman says Jermaine Dye is en route to Boston for Wily Mo Pena, Manny Delcarmen and Craig Hansen. There is no official source, but word is leaking out about the deal. You know how I would feel about that deal.
2:15 PM Hat tip to Steven Roth, Fire Brand commenter, who also keeps up with the Northeastern Huskies Hockey (go Husky Hockey!) here at MVN. He says this trade could very well make Manny Delcarmen expendable, meaning Jermaine Dye could be en route to Boston. This is a very good point. Stay tuned.
2:03 PM Nevermind the 2 PM update! The Rangers and Red Sox have agreed to a deal, pending Gagne waiving his no-trade clause. The Red Sox will undoubtedly have to sway him by guaranteeing some of the incentives due him ($3.625 million). Once it becomes official, expect a lot more news. Until now, let