Coco Crisp caused Daniel Cabrera to balk and had a sacrifice RBI and Jon Lester only allowed four hits over 7 innings pitched earning his fourth win of the season while surviving a near brawl after Crisp irritated Cabrera with his bat and his speed on the base paths.
Crisp attempted a bunt in the top of the fourth inning on Cabrera who was visibly angered by the bunt attempt staring down Crisp running down the first base line. Eventually reaching third base Crisp did his usual routine at third attempting to make the pitcher balk taking a big lead from the bag. Cabrera balked and on the next pitch delivered a ball near Dustin Pedroia ‘s head.
Benches and bullpens cleared and Cabrera waved his arms challenging the Red Sox to fight him on the mound, but the near brawl was handled by the umpiring staff who initially gave both teams warning. After the commotion was over Cabrera was ejected for his pitch thrown at Pedroia.
Boston opened up the scoring in the top of the second as Kevin Youkilis walked, J.D. Drew hit a ground rule double, and Jason Varitek notched a single to right field scoring Youkilis. Crisp drove home Drew who moved to third on the RBI single by Varitek on a sacrifice-fly to center field.
Cabrera earned his 15th loss of the season while everyone in the Boston lineup had a hit besides Julio Lugo batting out of the ninth spot for the Red Sox.
Youkilis also pitched in with an RBI single to left field in the seventh inning scoring Jacoby Ellsbury. Ellsbury turned in a nice catch in the eighth inning on a line drive hit by Melvin Mora as he crashed into the left field wall after jumping to snag the line drive.
Lester earned his fourth win on 98 pitches (62 for strikes) only walking two batters and striking out four in the game.