• It’s official: Mike Timlin is coming back. Timlin will return on a one-year deal worth around $3 million.
  • Scott Boras is already showing Jacoby the dollars. He signed autographs today at F.Y.E. store at 411 Washington Street (Boston) where his autograph ran a minimum of $125.
  • Spring training schedule out. Games are 22, down from 30 because of the Japan trip that will occur.
  • CENTER FIELD has some Christmas carols for us. Excerpts:

    O Papelbon, O Papelbon, Thy fastball does amaze us.
    O Papelbon, O Papelbon, To new heights does it raise us.
    When it’s hard and letter-high, It hums in tight and buzzes by.
    O Papelbon, O Papelbon, Thy fastball does amaze us.

    Hey Theo I got something to tell ya, about a certain trade with Minnesota,
    Yeah Johan he’s the man, and to get him do whatever you can.
    But there’s just one player that just cant go, and I’ll give you one hint he’s a Navajo.

  • Curt Schilling pimps John McCain.
  • Soxaholix speaks the truth: “If you get to close, the hot stove can burn ya.” He’s also happy that there is now a legal absinthe being sold in America. (Don’t all of you run to the liquor store, now!)
  • The Mitchell Report will be published shortly. Is anyone else starting to not care?
  • So much for the ‘Curt Schilling rule.’ The BBWAA rescinded its resolution that it won’t vote for anyone that has bonuses for winning major awards.
  • Barry Bonds plead not guilty to perjury. In other news, I put my pants on today.
  • We’ll find out tonight if Eric Gagne accepts arbitration or not. Stay tuned…
  • Want to win a free Howie Long football or $100 gift card? Leave a comment in this very post about a move you want the Red Sox to make this off-season.