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Boston Red Sox (1-0) @ Oakland Athletics (0-1)
Jon Lester (0-0, -.–) @ Rich Harden (0-0, -.–)
6:05 AM EDT | Tokyo Dome (Tokyo, Japan)
EI 850, WROL 950, XM 177

GAME NOTES: Too much for my liking have I seen Yankee fans refer to Jon Lester as “Cancer Boy.” There was even one time early last year where a Yankee commenter wrote in (the comment was deleted by a writer over there) on The Bronx Block alleging that Lester ‘faked’ his cancer. Well, let’s see the career 9-2 lefty with a World Series clinching game win under his belt fake his way through a whole season. He’s got his strength back, he’s filled out, and he’s ready to realize his potential. One day soon he won’t be Cancer Boy. He’ll be Cy Young Winner.