Daisuke Matsuzaka shined again for the Boston Red Sox when they needed him the most on a day where players and coaches could only think about winning. And so could Bill Buckner.
Matsuzaka went 6.2 innings only allowing four hits, four walks, and struck out seven. Matsuzaka did not allow a single run in the game and finally the bullpen held their end of the bargain for the 5-0 decision over the 0-7 struggling Detroit Tigers.
Kevin Youkilis went 3-3 with two RBI’s but most importantly on this day: championship ring and home opener day, Buckner got the ovation he finally deserved. It is about time that such a great player whose image was destroyed by the media had some positive light shed on him.
Star of the Game: Dice-K
He is now 2-0. He is now confident. And he is now reliable. If Josh Beckett can bounce back things are going to start looking up for the Red Sox.
Preview of Next Game: Jeremy Bonderman (0-1) vs Jon Lester (1-1)
Lester should see this game as an opportunity to pounce on a team that is in such a rut they are making Memphis free throw shooting look good at this point. Lester needs a solid six innings and a low scoring game on his end and the offense who is suddenly and slowly waking up should deliver off of Bonderman.