The Milwaukee Brewers have tossed their hat into the ring for Julian Tavarez’s services, so the Sox may be able to extract a legitimate prospect for Sexy Lips after all.
I can’t say I’m surprised at this news because a couple days ago when I was researching the Brewers for the interview with Al (scroll down), I noticed the dire straits the Brew Crew’s rotation was in and even mentioned it to Al. I don’t expect a deal to be made until after the series this weekend so Tavarez doesn’t throw a perfect game against us.
Reports also have the Sox shopping David Aardsma (unsurprising: dude can’t find the strike zone consistently) and Javier Lopez (surprising: thought Theo and Tito were fans of him but good for them to realize he can be upgraded).
Any ideas who our two new relievers would be if we dumped Aardsma and Lopez?