May saw the Red Sox go 17-12 and a concerning trend arise: road struggles. Three straight wins in Baltimore seem to be the cure, but can the Red Sox keep up with the Tampa Bay Rays? The Rays are one behind the Chicago Cubs for the best MLB record, and a crucial three game swing starts tomorrow. Let’s take a glance back at the month that was… To the Fire Branders: who on this table do you think will not be on the June month to month, and why? Who will be on the June table? Why? I’m going to say that in the mark of stability, nothing changesClick “read more” to check out the Month to Month…

Boston Red Sox 2008
Month to Month: May
Batters Key: Average/On-Base Percentage/Slugging/Other Stat.
Pitchers Key: W-L or Saves/IP/ERA/WHIP.
Only includes the significant players that played in the month. Notables listed at end of table.


2008 to date



David Aardsma





An impressive progression from a 10/11 K/BB to a 10/7 K/BB. We aren’t out of the woods yet, but if he progresses at commanding the strike zone, he could be our 2008 version of 2007 MDC.

Josh Beckett





Beckett hasn’t been the same one as of old as he’s given up 11 HR so far (9 in May, 17 last year) but his low WHIP suggests it’s just a matter of time.

Clay Buchholz





The difference between New York and us? We don’t rely on our youngsters. Buchholz got away from using his fastball and will make that his focus in AAA.

Sean Casey



Casey is amazingly productive, and I’m shocked no other team bothered to pick him up. Really, Seattle and New York Mets? You don’t need him? You don’t say so…

Kevin Cash





Still way above normal Cash levels, but you gotta take what you can get, and he’s receiving Wake just fine which is all we can ask for.

Bartolo Colon





Colon has been a very nice relevation and may be causing some teams (Yankees, anyone?) to be kicking themselves over not signing him. Viva El Guapo II!

Alex Cora





Cora’s Cora. He’s not a fan favorite like Lowrie, he’s not sucking like Lugo. He’s Cora.

Coco Crisp





Ah yes… that Coco Crisp is back. The one that’s stealing time from Jacoby (although that’s not necessarily a bad thing).

Manny Delcarmen



MDC is starting to turn it around. He allowed two homers in April. May? Zero.

J.D. Drew



Hey, if his power really is gone, at least he’s hitting for average and getting on base. Add in his solid speed and defense, and I don’t think he’s sucking up money.

Jacoby Ellsbury



Seven steals in three games? Who does this guy think he is? He’s playing on the Red Sox, for crying out loud! A part-timer, he leads the majors in SB. Wow.

Jon Lester



He of the no-hitter, he knows the key is getting strike one. Based on his last game, though, he still has to figure out how to do it consistently.

Javier Lopez



Lopez’s BAA against LHB:.206. Against RHB: .297. He’s back to his lefty specialist ways.

Mike Lowell



Hey, maybe the new contract will work out after all. He’s been the primary No. 5 hitter and is doing a fine job in that regard.

Julio Lugo



He can’t field. He can’t hit (batting average not telling the whole story). We’re stuck with him for the year, but… stick a fork in him.

Daisuke Matsuzaka



Yeah, he keeps walking batters. We know. Do you not want to take his 8-0 record? No? Then just enjoy it before the law of averages catch up.

Craig Hansen



Hansen’s clearly got dynamite stuff, but now he needs to work on controlling it. He just had an impressive outing yesterday.

Hideki Okajima



Yeah, the whole inherited runners bit. Like Dice-K is lucky, Oki-Doke is not (ERA notwithstanding). He’ll be fine.

David Ortiz



Welcome back, Biggie P.

Jonathan Papelbon


8 SV

How good has Papelbon been? So good that a 2.08 ERA in May has a few fans worried.

Dustin Pedroia



This is why April slumps/streaks are overrated. Big Papi had everyone concerned while Pedroia was apparently up to his old tricks. Now? Relax. It’s one month.

Manny Ramirez


4 HR

A lot of people thought the chase for 500 was getting to Manny mentally. After bashing 501 yesterday, perhaps those claims were well-founded.

Mike Timlin



Not a typo. Certainly puts his cumulative 6.48 ERA in a new light, doesn’t it?

Jason Varitek



Where is this coming from? Oh, right. Contract year.

Tim Wakefield



He lowered his WHIP… and raised his ERA. Only a knuckleballer. Or that 7 HR in May (3 in April).

Kevin Youkilis





Youuuk’s off to a great start again. But again, the question is if he can keep it up.

JUSTIN MASTERSON — He’s made two spot starts so far, and he’s about to make a third. He’s making a strong case to be on the 2009 roster.
BRANDON MOSS —A 1.089 OPS in May’s pretty neat. That appendectomy derailed his hopes, but he’s back in Triple-A bashing. Next year’s backup?
JULIAN TAVAREZ — Hey dude, we weren’t big fans of you in 2006, but a late rotation stint raised our hopes. You delivered big time for us until August last year, then you seemed to just disappear. It was time to move on, but we’ll never forget the shot in the arm you gave us last spring/summer. We’ll never forget you being a traffic cop or rolling the ball to first. Godspeed. (shows up)