With 2008 officially in the books, and congrats to both the local nine and the AL Champion Tampa Bay Rays, let’s begin looking at options to improve the team for 2009. The achievements of this year’s squad are nothing short of impressive. 2008’s squad was the Frank Caliendo version of the Boston Red Sox, merely a poor impression due to the injuries that decimated both the pitching and hitting of the team.

The Boston Herald and Boston Globe have both reported rumors in the past day or two regarding some intriguing starting pitchers. Jake Peavy of San Diego is available, although he will probably cost a Johan Santana-tyle ransom to pry from the West Coast. Derek Lowe, of LA and 2004 fame here in the Hub, has stated the Red Sox are his first choice.

Peavy obviously has the higher upside of the two, but Lowe would be more affordable when you consider contracts and prospects. My question to the community, who would you persue if you were Theo: Lowe or Peavy? Or would you rather bring back Wakefield and/or Byrd for 2009?