• Tom Werner says that Theo Epstein is “burning the midnight oil” for an impact trade. The article specifically mentions Roy Halladay and Victor Martinez.
  • Is there no middle ground for Victor Martinez? As NESN.com rounds up, the Indians reportedly rejected a Victor Martinez-Clay Buchholz swap, and a later Justin Masterson, Michael Bowden and outfield prospect package. The door isn’t closed, as the Sox and Indians ‘talk all the time,’ says Jon Heyman.
  • Don’t forget stud first-baseman Adrian Gonzalez. The Sox and other teams have called, but the Padres are refusing to listen. Even if they listen, would Padre ownership approve the deal and alienate their fan base even more? To me, it’s abot putting yourself in the best position to win. How could the Padres not listen to Clay Buchholz, Daniel Bard and Josh Reddick? Wouldn’t surprise me to see Adam LaRoche thrown in the deal with the Sox paying the way.
  • Could a lesser deal be en route to improve the Sox’s shortstop position? Sox scouts were on hand for the Pirates game yesterday. Could a deal be considered for Jack Wilson or Freddy Sanchez? How about Ian Snell, pitching his socks off in Triple-A and with the Yankees reportedly interested? Snell would add a young arm with options left.
  • The only team that the Phillies feel can beat their offer for Roy Halladay is the Red Sox. Gordon Edes feels the Sox could dangle Clay Buchholz, Daniel Bard and one of Michael Bowden, Junichi Tazawa, Casey Kelly and Stolmy Pimentel. If the deal came down to Buchholz, Bard and Pimentel, would you do it? I would. Would J.P. Ricciardi? He says to deal Halladay in the division would require an extra player.
  • The Halladay talks are real, by the way. The Jays made a formal offer to the Red Sox a couple days ago. No word on if this was rejected. 
  • One antidote to Theo’s clear aversion to a ‘big trade’ is the fact that Sox owner John Henry is upset over the Sox’s recently play and wants something done, according to Jon Heyman.

I rank the Sox’s likelihood of acquiring players like this:

  • Roy Halladay
    Yes, really. There would be less headaches trying to fit in Halladay than another player, plus the Sox can beat any offer by Philadelphia if they say the word. If Philly continues to stick to their guns, it would be hard for the Sox to turn down a deal they know will get done.
  • No deal
  • Deal for a lesser bat/pitcher like Jack Wilson or Ian Snell
    Won’t give up a ton of prospects, so is the easiest trade to arrange.
  • Victor Martinez
    Talks simply seem to be going nowhere. Theo is adamant not to give up Buchholz unless for a young power-hitter, and already conceded some ground by offering a one-for-one swap. Unless the Indians see potential in Masterson/Bowden/Player X, this has no legs.
  • Adrian Gonzalez
    The best option out there to solve our current and future needs. But the Padres would lose a local kid of Mexican heritage signed to a club-friendly deal during a time where they need a face of the franchise. We’d be talking about a huge deal here, one that’s probably too big to arrange.