Red Sox-Rangers

In a homage to Twitter, the new social media application that is changing how news is delivered (in the same vein how blogs changed everything) I bring to you a summary of each Red Sox player on the 25-man roster in 140 characters or less (the maximum number of characters you can enter on Twitter).

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Daniel Bard: Will he end up as closer in 2011? Questions abound about his makeup but my question is: can his slider be consistent enough?

Josh Beckett: Leads the AL in wins and is 6th in ERA. Might even be #1 if you throw out April. Can he hold off even-year down years in 2010?

Clay Buchholz: Engagement agrees with him, he says. The more he pitches, the more it looks like he could be No. 3 SP in playoffs.

Fernando Cabrera: Has Sox nightmares from 2007 but killed it in AAA. Don’t count him out as impact reliever down stretch and in 2010.

Manny Delcarmen: Many say he could close in NL. My guess? He gets that chance next year after being traded for Adrian Gonzalez.

Jon Lester: Does Sox lefty already have enough credentials to be considered Top 3 Sox lefty SP of all time? Cy Young in his future.

Hideki Okajima: Last three yrs, ranks 5th in ERA for all RP with >100 IP, >100 G, <54 saves. 2nd lefty behind former Sox JC Romero.

Jonathan Papelbon: Popular refrain this year is he’s not doing well as prev. yrs. Projecting for 39 SV (08: 41) with lower ERA than 2008…

Brad Penny: He can’t go 7 innings, he can’t hold runners on, he can’t have an ERA below 5. Ladies and gentlemen, your 2009 Sox rotation!

Ramon Ramirez: By most metrics, R-Ram having better year than 2008. However, K’ing less than usual. Farrell asking him to pitch to contact?
Takashi Saito: Last 30 days, 1.59 ERA to drop overall ERA to 3.00. Peaking at right time. Should Sox pick up ~$2.5m option for 2010? Yes.
Junichi Tazawa: Doesn’t have to be flamethrower to succeed. Could end up longterm No. 3 for Sox. Likely to spend most of ’10 in AAA.
Victor Martinez: Leadership qualities remind me of ‘Tek. With better arm, really needs to be starting C in 2010. Upgrade would be massive.
Jason Varitek: Will he accept backup position in 2010 for $$ or walk to start elsewhere? He needs to consider legacy at tail end of career.
Alex Gonzalez: With dearth of free agent SS, do Sox pick up $6M option? Or go after Marco Scutaro/JJ Hardy? Please, the latter.
Nick Green: Stepped in big time for us this year, but likely no spot next year. Will land 2 years/$3-5M from team like Pirates.
Casey Kotchman: Don’t rule out Kotchman having been acquired to flip to San Diego for A-Gon in offseason. If no A-Gon, Sox will start Kotch.
Mike Lowell: Sad, but Sox career likely to end after year. D is brutal, done as elite 3B. Trade to LAA to replace Figgins possible.
Dustin Pedroia: Much has been made of lack of power but already has 2 more HR than all of 2007. Also, 7 CS this year. Last 2 yrs combined: 2
Kevin Youkilis: Angry at BOS media for portrayal in charging mound. Thought media was pretty pro-Youk. BOS media has taken battering lately
Brian Anderson: If Sox view him as 4th OF next year, we have problems. Under control until minimum 2012, so have to think they do.
Jason Bay: Bay’s hot again. Is 4y/60m worth it for him, though? Best OPS since 2006, so maybe. Is Holliday better option or is he NL only?
J.D. Drew: Nothing against J.D. but holy cow, two more years left? Feels like he’s been here an eternity. No reason to replace him, however.
Jacoby Ellsbury: Do we consider Jacoby ‘good, not great’ or give him one more year? Is “good, not great” enough for him to stay longterm?
David Ortiz: I love Big Papi. But kind of scary to think about going into 2010 with Papi’s DH spot taken care of. Please rebound.