New Poll Question:
Who has the best starting pitcher duo of all possible playoff teams?

  • Josh Beckett, Jon Lester
  • CC Sabathia, A.J. Burnett
  • John Lackey, Jered Weaver
  • Justin Verlander, Edwin Jackson
  • Kevin Millwood, Scott Feldman

The Red Sox seem to be near the top, but I’ll be interested to hear if the Yankees duo beats them according to Fire Brand. The Rangers, Angels and Tigers have great pitchers in their own right, but eyeballing this list… it comes down to two teams, doesn’t it?

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Previous Poll Results:

Who should be Papelbon’s primary setup man?
Wagner wins the poll for the second week in a row. Fire Branders feel he will make the most impact down the stretch and should be Pap’s primary setup man. With the way Wagner has dominated since coming over, it’s hard to argue against that. Daniel Bard got a pretty solid chunk of the votes, while Hideki Okajima, despite doing no wrong these past couple years, comes a distant third. Funny how 100 MPH fastballs make things look pretty.