Shrowded in as much secrecy as a Cold War nuclear test or New England Patriots injury, the California Angels have yielded very few signals as to the makeup of their postseason roster. While the starting lineup is generally set, the rest of the team is in a state of flux.
There have been some indications, however, from sources close to the team of what their roster will look like in the ALDS. Most pundits agree on the following roster developments:
1) The team is confident in its first three starters: John Lackey, Jered Weaver, and Scott Kazmir.
2) The team will opt to go with either Joe Saunders or Ervin Santana in the fourth spot, though Saunders seems to be the frontrunner at the moment.
3) The team will likely go with 10 pitchers, moving Santana to the bullpen. This will leave the Angels with 15 position players.
4) The team will likely carry a third catcher in their stable.
5) About four players are on the bubble for the squad’s three remaining slots on the bench, including Reggie Willits, Brandon Wood, Bobby Wilson, and Robbie Quinlan.
Here’s a couple links to feast on. The article from The LA Times is particularly intriguing and very in-depth, probably the best read of the bunch.
LA Times
Gives a synopsis of where the team is headed and what the management may be thinking. Very informative, as Mike DiGiovanna provides a good read.
Jered Weaver Injured?
In what may develop into a very interesting story line, projected #2 starter, Jered Weaver experienced shoulder discomfort in his most recent start on Sept 24.
There hasn’t been much news from the Angels since the injury, though lists Weaver as “Out until at least early October”.
LAA Team Page
California manager Mike Scioscia is expected to set his roster ‘by the weekend’. Don’t miss this one if you’re interested in what is on Scioscia’s mind.
Kazmir and Weaver were both pulled from their last starts. Also included, the author’s guess of what the rotation will look like.
With the history involved, and the matched skills of the two teams, this series is shaping up to be a classic. It can’t start soon enough.
And, just a feeling, but I think “tonight’s gonna be a good night”, as Lester takes the hill, the Sox try to end their losing streak, and the Bruins FINALLY drop the puck and start their season.
I’ve got to admit, I’ll be very distracted tonight – but at least Versus is very close to NESN on the dial where I am. I’ll be switching back and forth, trying to catch as much of my beloved Bruins while keeping a close eye on the Sox.
Besides Christmas, this may be the best time of the year. The Sox are headed to the postseason, the Pats are in full-swing, and the Bruins are kicking off their season.
There’s nothing better for a Boston sports fan, except maybe if Kessel were still a Bruin. But, whatever, we can do without him. We’ve still got Tim Thomas and the REAL Big Z.