The Red Sox’s bullpen search has taken on an interesting look these days.

With Tim Wakefield virtually certain to open the season as No. 5 starter and Dice-K on the shelf, there are two spots open. The favorites are Boof Bonser and Brian Shouse (the latter serving as LOOGY), but there are doubts about both, apparently.

The Red Sox are talking to Alan Embree about a return as they are reportedly unhappy with Shouse’s production.

As for Bonser, word is that the Diamondbacks and Cubs are both interested in acquiring him. Bonser is a starter, but Boston is trying him out as a reliever, where it is thought he will have more success. He would also function as a longman. There’s no indication the Red Sox are interested in dealing him, but it’s possible the Sox would do so given a nice return. They have Scott Atchinson pushing Bonser for a bullpen spot.

That said, pitching depth is a canard. It’s more likely that Bonser stays and Atchinson goes to Triple-A than it is the Boof being traded.