As the baseball season enters the second month, what is the lasting impression from the Red Sox start?

The mighty struggles David Ortiz, and his decreased role as of late? Starting the month with two center-fielders in the outfield and finishing it with two center-fielders on the disabled list? Have you jumped back on the Jason Varitek bandwagon? Are you in the camp that feel that when the starters are hot the bullpen is struggling and vice-versa? As a bonus answer, any Darnell McDonald love?

As for our previous poll: Which current bench player will have the biggest impact this season?

Bill Hall – 1 percent
Jason Varitek – 18 percent
Jeremy Hermida – 55 percent
Mike Lowell – 26 percent

Given his hot start to the season, Jeremy Hermida did the same in our poll, winning with over half of the vote. Mike Lowell and Jason Varitek made a late push, but fell short — as for Bill Hall… his vote total and hits on the season are about even.