It’s only April, and there is plenty of time for the Sox to heat up. However, a slow start last season ended up costing this team when struggles reemerged in September. At 4-and-10, the Sox are the current bottom feeder of the AL East and it already seems to be panic time — During yesterday’s tremendous collapse against the Yankees, manager Bobby Valentine was booed as he walked back from the pitchers mound after making pitching changes. This is the last thing this organization wanted, especially on the heals of such a dramatic fall from grace at the end of last season, which was followed by a soap opera-like offseason.

This week we ask Red Sox Nation a simple question: Is the season already over? Personally, I believe that 14 games is far too small of a sample to really draw from. However, pitching is the main weakness with this current team and pitching is something that can’t be patched up easily without mortgaging the future, if that is even an option (the Sox aren’t exactly “loaded” at the minor league level).


Last week, we asked you if you thought that Bobby V was already screwing things up. He was booed off the field yesterday, so that just about sums it up and correlates with the voting…

  • Yes (77%, 349 Votes)
  • No (23%, 103 Votes)