Boy, it’s super fun to be a Red Sox fan these days, huh? Not only do the Red Sox look lost on the field, but now we learn that Josh Beckett still hasn’t learned how to be a baseball player as he was reportedly golfing two days before he missed a start due to lat tightness.

Now, Wade Boggs has fired back at Dennis “Oil Can” Boyd, a week after Boyd revealed his extensive usage of drugs during his playing career and painted Boggs as a racist. (Audio of Boyd’s comments about Boggs here.)

“Absolutely, positively, 100 million percent, I am not a racist, I am not a bigot,” Boggs told WEEI’s “The Dennis & Callahan Morning Show” (audio here). “You have a delusional drug addict who let not only his family down, but his team, the city of Boston, Red Sox Nation when it counted most. Now he wants the good people of Boston to go out and spend money on this garbage to support his habit. I find that extremely amusing.”

Boyd accused Boggs of using racial epithets daily in the clubhouse, while Boyd himself was busy taking cocaine on a regular basis, which one would imagine not only destroyed his career but could have had lasting effects on the Red Sox’s chase for a World Series ring in the 1980s.

Calling Boyd’s words “extreme character assassination,” Boggs had more to say.

“Obviously there is something very, very wrong with [Boyd]. I guarantee you, if we saw him now, him and [Boyd’s wife] Karen, he would say, ‘I didn’t know I said it,’ or, ‘I don’t remember saying it,’ or anything like that. That’s what he does,” he continued. “We just assumed people would consider the source and we didn’t want to comment about it. But you can’t just let something like that go.”