Photo by Kelly O’Connor

You know what’s pretty sweet? Hot Stove action. You know what’s even better? Links to read on a calm Friday morning.

  • Dave Cameron dispels the myths surrounding a pitcher’s move from the NL to the AL, with Dempster at the forefront of it all. No, he won’t be horrible. Chill. (Ryan Dempster, Quality AL Pitcher)
  • Yet another contract with a $13 million average annual value from Ben Cherington, bringing the count up to 3. The young GM isn’t just throwing specifically-sized wads of cash around. There’s a deeper strategy. (Red Sox, Dempster agree to two-year deal)
  • Speaking of Napoli, it looks like they’re rewording some parts of the contract. Regardless, this is still pretty nerve-wracking. (Mike Napoli situation unresolved)
  • The Sandy Rosario Waiver Chronicles continues. For the FOURTH time this offseason, he was claimed. This guy gets around. (Twitter)

On Thursday, December 13th, 2012, $225 million dollars (depending on the Sanchez deal) worth of contracts were handed out just on that day. Baseball is just ridiculous sometimes.