Today is the ninth anniversary of Fire Brand of the American League!

One year away from the big 1-0, Fire Brand just finished up covering the Red Sox season from hell in great fashion, led by Chip Buck and an assortment of writers that hopefully kept you engaged and fascinated with the latest drama in Bobby V land.

The next year promises to be an exciting one. We’ve already made progress here at Fire Brand. There was some malware that had been plaguing the site for a few months now. Sometimes the site would test clean and sometimes it did not. We’re happy to announce the site is 100 percent clean as per multiple malware scanners. In addition, we intend on addressing the load time of the site and have contracted with a web administrator for those issues, so it should become a lot faster and efficient to read Fire Brand soon.

We also have quite a few exciting additions to the Fire Brand roster coming up. You will start seeing their work this Thursday, Jan. 3. I think everyone will be pleased to see what Fire Brand has in store this upcoming year.

Happy New Year!