X. Bogaerts by Kelly O'Connor of sittingstill.net

Xander Bogaerts – Kelly O’Connor, sittingstill.net

I would make a Shakira joke here, but I already used it in a title a while back. Sorry guys, once a gag’s done, it’s done. So I had to go with a lame pun instead.

  • Aren’t you glad Fenway Park didn’t get torn down and replaced with…well, whatever this thing is? We all dodged a bullet there. (Remembering “New” Fenway Park)
  • The Tampa Bay Rays have an unbelievable amount of depth in their system. And a lot of it could be major league ready in three seasons or less. This is what the Red Sox will face. (Tampa Bay Rays Top 15 Prospects 2012-13)
  • Cincinnati gets the 2015 All-Star Game. Now, the next step is actually getting rid of pure fan voting for All-Star lineups. Is that too hopeful? Yeah, too hopeful. (2015 All-Star Game to go to Reds)

Can we be done with hip puns and jokes? I’ve had my fill, and I’ve made just two of them.