On a near weekly basis, we delve into Nick Cafardo’s Mail Bag or Sunday Notes, but this week, we are going to divert a little bit. As if the sports pages of the Boston Globe were not a terrifying enough place, today we are going to enter into the unedited, uncensored thoughts of the mind of Nick Cafardo on his twitter account.

The tweets we will consider today, it should be noted, are solely from August 31 and September 1. We do not need to look further to see just how crazy, out of date, and in need of a basic English class is one, Nick Cafardo.


Probably not as sad as losing him for nothing after a season of 90+ losses. This is especially the case, as Twins fans can dry their tears with dreams of Buxton and Sano. Baseball fans are more sophisticated, generally, about why front offices do what they do, why are journalists not so?




Just no!

Until this year, when Gregg dropped his whip to a still terrifying 1.35, it had been in the 1.60+ range each of the previous two seasons. Where does that fit into a team dreaming of the World Series?

Plus, I would love to know if any one ever asks Nick why he seems so surprised when the Red Sox are not interested in veteran players he loves so much.


“Now that I have classed up Philly, let’s see what I can do to Hollywood!”
Credit BeGreen90 via Flcikr

Yeah, case in point. Ned Coletti, one of the worst GM’s in baseball (they may be good this year, but remember the trade they made with the Red Sox last year? It is and was widely panned across the industry. Getting a #classy player with a 101 OPS+ and a negative WAR (because his defense is that atrocious) does not make some one a contender for Executive of the Year.

And seriously, dear Boston Globe writer, what about Ben Cherington? His team was picked for 4th or 5th, was on the right side of the trade, and did not trade for Michael Young.

Would it have asked too much to write “called” in there?


Magic act? Is this team not good at baseball in Nick’s eyes? Is it all smoke and mirrors? Does it have nothing to do with being the only team in baseball with 3 separate 5 WAR players? I mean, they may have avoided Sale here, but remember how they got Iwakuma and King Felix both, both times they played Seattle?

Yup, with that many tickets sold, there are going to be a lot of empties thrown on the ground for the late night cleaning crew to pick up. Seriously, though, sell outs refer to tickets sold, not bottoms in the seats. Literally everyone knows this. But thanks for whatever point you are trying to make.


Well, you would understand why he didn’t say “It’s” since he was so close to the 140 character limit.

Maybe he stinks at baseball writing because he secretly pines for the meteorology role at the local CBS affiliate. The again, this was written four minutes after the last tweet.


Being that you are a baseball writer, covering the Red Sox, that strikes me as much less random than handing Ned the Executive of the Year trophy, waxing lyrical about precipitation, or wondering why teams don’t want bad players having passable seasons.

Just as I should not slow down to see the EMT’s at work on the side of the Interstate, I should unfollow. But it is so hard not to gawk at car wrecks.