So, it’s early September and we’re winding down in regards to the season – wait, what? The Yankees again? Sigh.

/goes to Baseball-Reference

/sees standings


NEW YORK YANKEES – 75-64, 3rd place in the AL East (8.0 GB)

Hey, the Yankees knocked the Orioles down a peg! That’s great! You’re doing god’s work there, New York. The Yanks have won quite a few games lately, and while it’s a bit concerning, the Red Sox haven’t been slouches either. New York desperately needs to win the series, while a split would be more than welcome for the Sox, as they keep the status quo just by winning two games. Aren’t you just excited for a four-gamer in the Bronx? You say you’re anxious? Well…I can’t help you with that very much, sorry.

Well, look who decided to show up.

Well, look who decided to show up.


1 – Brett Gardner – CF – .272/.341/.414

2 – Derek Jeter – SS – .212/.288/.288 (in 59 PA)

  • Ahem. “OH MAH GAWD DER-WRECK JEETAH IS BAYCK”. (Yes, this was worth the entire digital bullet point.)
  • You know the drill: not a ton of power, loves high BABIPs, and gets on base rather well.
  • Still can’t field worth a damn, but a ton of Gold Gloves can’t be wrong, right guys? …Guys?

3 – Robinson Cano – 2B – .308/.385/.516

4 – Alfonso Soriano – DH – .255/.293/.486

5 – Curtis Granderson – LF – .268 .377 .425

6 – Alex Rodriguez – 3B – .277/.370/.436

7 – Ichiro Suzuki – RF – .267/.302/.357

8 – Lyle Overbay – 1B – .253/.304/.415

9 – Chris Stewart – C – .215/.288/.280

Who’s hot? – Last 14 days

  • Brett Gardner: 10 runs scored, .438 OBP, 179 wRC
  • Robinson Cano: 3 HR, 10 RBI, .556 SLG

Who’s not? – Last 14 days

  • Christ Stewart: 0 runs scored, .045 AVG, .069 wOBA
  • Derek Jeter: .212 AVG, .242 SLG, 48 wRC
Photo by Kelly O'Connor of

Photo by Kelly O’Connor of


Jake Peavy vs. Ivan Nova

Ivan Nova’s having something of a breakout season here, with his 8 K/9 and his ability to keep the ball in the park with a 0.41 HR/9. That strikeout rate, amazingly, is the best in that rotation, even with guys like Sabathia being in there. With Jake Peavy, the only thing we really don’t know about him is how many FCC no-no words he’ll vehemently spew all over the pitcher’s mound. And if you’re betting on stuff like that, ALWAYS TAKE THE OVER.

Felix Doubront vs. Andy Pettitte

Dueling southpaws on Friday night. Pettitte’s K/9 is just a shade above 6, so it’s slipping into near-unreliable territory for a starter. Yes, he’s still Andy Pettitte, but he’s an old, probably-should’ve-stayed-retired Andy Pettitte. Meanwhile, Doubront’s gonna try and keep New York’s lineup from hitting jetstream homers to right field.

John Lackey vs. David Huff

David Huff was recently acquired by the Yankees and I’m not sure how they exactly feel about letting a guy start who had to be converted to a reliever in the minors because his peripherals – and subsequently, his regular stats – were so bad as a starter. We’ve pretty much gotten used to what happens when Lackey starts: grounders, middling offense, #Lacktators.

Jon Lester vs. Hiroki Kuroda

As the price for not facing Sabathia, the Red Sox get Kuroda thrown at them. He won’t walk many, won’t let a lot of homers happen, and will get a ton of grounders out of you. Kuroda’s really good, guys. Lester will try to keep his momentum going after hurling a fantastic game against the Tigers a couple days ago.


  • Boston
  • New York
    • Jayson Nix: 60-day DL, out indefinitely (August 22nd, broken left hand)


Just win at least two, Red Sox. That’s all I ask. Please.