The second part of this entire interleague season series, with the first part happen WAAAAAY back in June. At least I think it was June. Seems like years ago. And if that seems like years ago…this offseason’s gonna be rough.

COLORADO ROCKIES71-86, 5th place in the NL West (19.5 GB)

The Rockies actually threatened to take the division lead sometime earlier this season, but now, it’s back to train wreck status. The pitching’s gotten worse, guys have gotten injured (again), and the Rockies just need healthy bodies at this point. Preferably healthy bodies that can play at some level of professional baseball, but hey, I don’t run the Rockies organization. My job is just to analyze it. And here we are!


Adrian Beltre cameo!

Adrian Beltre cameo!


1 – Dexter Fowler – CF – .263/.369/.407

2 – DJ LeMahieu – 2B – .281/.313/.365

3 – Troy Tulowitzki – SS – .316/.395/.546

  • The best shortstop in baseball – as long as he’s heathy and not out for half the season, of course. But that’s a label you could stick on anyone, really.
  • In his last 5 seasons, his lowest wOBA was .364. Yeah, he gets those kinds of numbers while hurt for 4 months. He’s that good, guys.
  • Very good defender at short. Won’t always be the most fluid, but he’ll definitely give any defensive-minded shortstop a run for his money.

4 – Michael Cuddyer – RF – .334/.392/.537

5 – Wilin Rosario – C – .292/.315/.486

6 – Todd Helton – 1B – .248/.315/.420

7 – Nolan Arenado – 3B – .269/.302/.408

8 – Josh Rutledge – 2B – .231/.290/.337

9 – Pitcher’s spot – P – dammit/not/again

  • This really needs to stop.

Who’s hot? – Last 14 games:

  • Troy Tulowitzki: 2 HR, 7 RBI, .451 wOBA
  • Michael Cuddyer: 2 HR .424 AVG, 190 wRC

Who’s not? – Last 14 games:

  • DJ LeMahieu: .244 AVG, .537 OPS, 32 wRC
  • Josh Rutledge: .214 AVG, no RBI, .236 wOBA


Photo by Kelly O'Connor of

Photo by Kelly O’Connor of


John Lackey vs. Tyler Chatwood

Chatwood plays the pitch-to-contact game, but he piles up on the wormburners. Nearly 60% of all batted balls he produces are grounders, which is perfect in a park like Coors. His one weakness is that he walks roughly 3.5 batters per game. Amazingly enough, this will be the second time Lackey’s faced Colorado, and this one will be his last start of the season.

Jake Peavy vs. Roy Oswalt 

Never thought I’d see these two veterans pitching against each other in 2013, but apparently I thought wrong. Oswalt’s striking out a ton of guys and walking few, but his opposing BABIP (.443) is just hammering away at his ERA and WHIP. Peavy, as a fly ball pitcher, is who I’m worried about. Coors is the most hitter friendly park in the majors, and with a guy like Peavy who likes to make guys hit flies, it might not end too well.


  • Red Sox
    • Nothing new to report.
  • Rockies
    • Wilin Rosario: Questionable for Tuesday’s game (September 23rd, strained right calf)