I’m sure y’all drank plenty when the Red Sox dramatically defeated the Detroit Tigers in Game 2 of the ALCS. I know you were. I saw you all packing the bars around Fenway after the game.

Now that we’ve all sobered up. It’s time to play the drinking game for tonight’s Game 3.

Again, please drink responsibly everyone.

– Every time FOX shows a replay of Ortiz’s amazing grand slam. (And you’re drunk already.)
– Every time Tim McCarver pronounces a name incorrectly.
– The Tigers hold the Red Sox to no hits again for the first five innings
– A reference is made to John Lackey’s record not being a good indicator of his overall performance this season.
– Quintin Berry steals a base.
– Anyone other than David Ortiz hits a jack.
– Jacoby Ellsbury contract reference is made.
– A reference is made to Detroit’s economic plight and how the Tigers have helped revitalized the city.
– Xander Bogaerts enters the game.
– Koji Uehara goes 1-2-3.

– Shane Victorino gets hit by the pitch.
– A reference is made to Torii Hunter complaining about Victorino crowding the plate.
– FOX starts showing the “concerned fan” shots in the 8th and 9th innings.
– Tim McCarver makes a stupid remark about how Al Alburquerque is not from the city of Albuquerque.
– Anytime Joe West is shown on screen.
– Red Sox strike out fewer than 10 times.
– Buck talks about Kirk Gibson since it’s Kirk Gibson day.
– We hear, “I don’t believe, what I just saw.”
– Drink ten shots if a huge brawl breaks out and the fans spill out onto the field and the rest of Detroit riots and the city burns to the ground.

Enjoy Game 3 everyone!