It’s hard to believe that 10 years have passed since Fire Brand of the American League began writing on the Red Sox, but here we are.

A decade after Aaron Boone’s home run devastated this Red Sox fan so much, it spurred him to begin putting his opinions on the Sox online, Fire Brand has seen three World Series championships, an epic collapse, blockbuster trades, blockbuster signings, Manny Being Manny, Nomah, the emergence of Big Papi who will forever live in Red Sox lore, and much, much more.

Today, Fire Brand continues to bring quality Red Sox analysis, which club officials read, as Peter Gammons once wrote. The blog has undergone many changes, both in look and content. Gone are the days where I blogged daily for two straight years and agonizingly watched the Red Sox take down the Yankees in Game 7 of the 2004 ALCS. (One of my favorite lines I have ever penned is in this live blog, where I wasn’t ready to call the game in favor of the Red Sox because “Two grand slams, they’re right back in it” — and I meant it.)

Gone are the days where Zach Hayes became the first writing partner on Fire Brand. Since then, several writers have come and gone, and even I no longer write often in these pages (but I am very much present behind the scenes). Despite the changes, the aim of the site remains the same: to analyze and comment on the Red Sox, and  to do so as an informed, rational fan. As we move forward, Fire Brand still intends to remain as an ever-present source of all things Red Sox. It’s rather fitting that this blog’s first season ended in a ring, and the decade-mark resulted in another ring. One can only hope the next decade is just as good for Red Sox fans.

As always, the door is always open for readers of this blog to suggest changes that might improve your reading of the site. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if so.

On behalf of all the fantastic writers here at Fire Brand, thank you, thank you to all the readers who have frequented these pages, and have a fantastic New Year!