Photo by Kelly O'Connor of

Photo by Kelly O’Connor of

The weekend was not kind to the defending World Champs. After dropping the opening game of the series on Thursday, Boston took game 2 on Friday thanks to a well pitched game by Jon Lester and a three run bomb by Grady Sizemore. However Saturday and Sunday’s games were nothing short of disheartening for Red Sox fans. Boston’s woes when hitting with runners in scoring position continued, Yankees Stadium did in John Lackey, and a controversial replay review cost the Red Sox a game.

  • Even as Red Sox fans, we can agree that there are few players more professional than Derek Jeter. From on field success, to a fairly quiet off field life, Jeter is the player you want your teams young players to emulate. For Boston, Xander Bogaerts has taken Jeter’s professional persona and applied it to his young career. (Short stop story: Jeter vs. Bogaerts)
  • Replay review took center stage last weekend as two controversial calls left the Red Sox on the short end of the stick. Perhaps it was a culmination of both replays, but the second of the two caused John Farrell to blow his stack, get tossed from the game, and question the system. (Farrell: “Hard to have faith” in replay system)
  • In recent years the Red Sox have prided themselves on having a well stocked, highly talented farm system. This team building approach was carried out so well by Ben Cherington and Co. that the Red Sox could soon feature a club composed exclusively of home grown talent. (Well seeded Red Sox could bet the farm)
  • Tweet of the weekend: I laughed at this for a good 5 minutes…probably because it’s true.