After a week hiatus from @firebrandal “Tweets of the Week” we return with this past week’s best tweets from Red Sox Nation. I hope everyone enjoyed the short-lived west coast trip out to Anaheim because I know our east coasters really enjoy 19-inning marathon games that do not actually start until 10:00 PM for us over here on the EST. However, all in all it was a great weekend for the Sox as they won their first season series since sweeping the Royals after the All-Star Break. In my head that previous sentence sounded much more encouraging then it does now after typing it into this column…

Dustin Pedroia loves @firebrandal’s Tweets of the Week (photo: Kelly O’Conner

Alas, the Red Sox won a series (on the road against one of the best teams in baseball) so that is cause for a bit of light revelry. On to the best tweets from @firebrand’s Twitter timeline:

Honorable Mention: This tweet is actually not related to Boston, but I decided to add this slightly comical Bryce Harper incident tweet to this list. I’m not sure how many of you are natives of Atlanta, but myself being a resident of the Atlanta area I find it slightly odd how much Atlanta fans legitimately despise Bryce Harper; you would think he is Satan reincarnated when he comes to the plate in Atlanta. Anyways, if you have not seen the video of the “crazed lunatic” (say actual crazed Braves fans) Bryce Harper disrespecting the Atlanta “A” you can find it here. On Sunday, Jason Collette (@jasoncollette) tweeted this about the Harper incident: 

10. If you are a Game of Thrones fan you will enjoy these Red Sox-GoT comparisons. I don’t agree with a few of them (David Ortiz as Jamie Lannister doesn’t work for me), but Koji as Barristan Selmy is pretty spot on.

9. This is a tweet from @survivinggrady after the Red Sox-Angels 19-inning fiasco. Who doesn’t love Jackie Bradley Jr. diving catch vines or Dustin Pedroia’s little legs stealing second and third on the same pitch?

8. This is not Red Sox related aside from the fact that it was a conversation between two Red Sox fans during a Red Sox game. It is in fact a short Twitter conversation about “extra hoppy” beers and how the alcohol content in these tasty IPA’s would knock Natural Light connoisseurs on their… 

7. I enjoy @WillysTeam on Twitter, but have to disagree with him here. He was arguing that Mike Carp was more valuable than Shanf Victorino last year #smh

6. Hi there Christian Vazquez, I like your new avatar:

5. I had to have a depressing tweet in here somewhere. #sorry #dammit

4. More funny things from the Saturday PM/Sunday AM’s game:

3. Since I missed out on the Lester-Gomes-Cespedes trade, I figured I needed to break the Tweets of the Week rules and dip back past a week to attempt to make all of you cry this morning:

2. I too would like to know what was said. Evan, help us out here? #MikeNapoliForever

1. Red tweeted this after one of Kolten Wong’s two home runs last Thursday. It is gold. Period.


@firebrand’s own Tweet of the Week comes courtesy of Jack Keller during the Red Sox-Yankees Sunday Night Baseball game that took 3 hours and 42 minutes while the two starting pitchers combined for 12 earned runs.