The Red Sox are 60-77 entering play September 2 (Have the Sox really only lost 17 times less than they have won? It has felt like waaaaaaayy more than that.) It has been discussed, ad nauseam if we are to be honest, what there is to look forward to in
September: Rusney Castillo debut, JBJ return, possible six man rotations, a potential extended look at Garin Cecchini. There is reason to look forward to all of that. Any part of that would being successful will be balm for our sores and give us warmth for the
impending winter.

But will any of it give us pure joy?

At this point, the most exciting part of September is on the schedule. And no, it is not any one of the four divisional opponents making an appearance at Fenway in the two remaining home stands. Instead, it is Pedro Martinez Bobblehead Night on September 9 in a game featuring the Red Sox hosting the Orioles.

This is not just about the bobblehead, which is ironically already for sale on ebay. It is about the remembrance about dominating the Yankees when Roger Clemens shared the mound with him. Or the relief appearance/come from behind win against Cleveland in the playoffs. The All Star Game start in Fenway. Any pictures of 2004 Pedro. The video board should be a delight that day.

Perhaps, since he is still affiliated with the Red Sox, Pedro will make a final appearance at Fenway in 2014. Either way, it will be a temporary reprieve from the pain of 2014.

Surely you need Pedro antics to calm your angst. Photo Credit: Sitting Still

During seasons like this one, you have two options to get you through: the past and the future. We have all dwelled on the future a lot this year. We have seen the farm system rankings, celebrated Blake Swihart’s numbers, endured JBJ’s at bats, wondered if Mookie Betts has a position in Boston, voted in Rusney Castillo ceiling polls, and mourned a lack of a Jon Lester extension.

But let’s for one night remember that Pedro Martinez was once ours. Was once recently ours. That his starts were must watch television/must have tickets. That he helped break “the curse.” For one night, we can endure the present both by having a bright future and recalling our magical past.