It was a disappointing season for the Red Sox, but over a long 162 game season there are always highlights. Home runs in particular are always exciting, and fans still dig the longball. Here are the five longest home runs the Red Sox hit this season.

Honorable Mention: Mookie Betts, 7/2/14 versus the Cubs

It’s cheating a bit to include this one, but a rookie’s first major league home run is always special. Mookie has surprising pop for a player with a small frame, as he slugged .529 in the minors last season with 11 home runs. Hopefully the power will continue for the big league club in 2015.

#5 Xander Bogaerts, 5/22/14 versus the Blue Jays

There weren’t as many of these moments as we expected from Bogaerts, as the rookie’s first full season in the majors was rocky. Still, he showed enough of these moments to keep expectations high for 2015. It’s good to remember that he’s still really young for the majors, as he’ll only be 22 years old next year.

#4 Xander Bogaerts, 4/17/14 versus the White Sox

Here Bogaerts shows off some of his potential, taking possible Cy Young award winner Chris Sale deep. His batting average, on base percentage and slugging were all higher against lefties this season.

#3 Mike Napoli, 4/13/14 versus the Yankees

It’s always great to have at least one of these against the Yankees. Napoli has hit .348 in Yankee Stadium since they opened the park in 2009.

#2 Mike Napoli, 8/26/14 versus the Blue Jays

Napoli seems to love hitting in the Rogers Center. He has 29 career home runs there, more than any other road ballpark. He had two 400+ home runs in the same game there in 2013. He crushes this one into the top deck in Rogers Center.

#1 David Ortiz, 4/22/14 versus the Yankees

Another one against the Yankees, this home run was the third longest of the season in the majors. Ortiz managed another tremendous season despite the Red Sox struggles this year.

Finally, here’s a bonus home run, the longest hit in the majors this year. Take it away Mike Trout.