HanleyRamirezImagine standing outside a random person’s house and watching them load all of their stuff into a U-Haul. Crazy, right?

Now imagine standing outside Fenway Park — among piles of snow, and freezing temps — and watching a random person load a U-Haul on steroids. Boom, Red Sox Truck Day.

I used to think Truck Day was a cool thing. I mean, what other fan base is crazy enough to watch boxes and bags get thrown into a truck? The Red Sox fan base, that’s who. Even with the success of the Patriots, Bruins and Celtics, Boston loves baseball. Even if baseball isn’t really baseball, but instead a bunch of Fenway Park employees heaving things into an eighteen-wheeler. It’s a sendoff, a “hey, go get ’em!”, in the weirdest way possible.

The symbolism isn’t lost on me, I’m just as excited for baseball season to start as the next fan. And what marks the start of the season better than a giant truck of equipment barreling down to spring training? But do we really need to see the truck loaded to get the get excited for spring training? Too me, the baseball writers low-resolution photos and videos from Fort Myers instill more excitement, than the pageantry of Truck Day. Call me crazy, but I’d rather load my twitter from the comfort of my own home and see real baseball action, than freeze my butt off outside of Fenway Park in the middle of February.

  • When Hanley Ramirez arrived in Fort Myers on Thursday, he officially began his new career as a the Red Sox left fielder. Under the instruction of first base/outfield coach Arnie Beyeler, the native shortstop briefly dipped his toes into the outfield waters in his first day at Fenway South. While there’s still much work left to be done for the 30-year old, Ramirez’s health and natural athleticism has lead Beyeler to believe a transition to the outfield will go smoothly. (Hanley Ramirez kicks off new life as Red Sox left fielder)
  • For the Philadelphia Phillies to officially start their rebuild, they will need to deal ace lefty Cole Hamels at some point in the next few months. The Red Sox, who are perhaps the best fit for the left-hander, have shown an unwillingness to meet Philadelphia’s demands, despite lacking an ace in the rotation. But while Mookie Betts and Blake Swihart are virtually untouchable, Boston can still put together an enticing package centered around lefty starter Henry Owens. (Here’s how the Red Sox could land Cole Hamels)
  • Tweet of the day: Grainy Spring Training pictures continue to role in…