Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Pablo Sandoval wasn’t doing his public image any good when he decided to arrive at JetBlue Park on Fat Tuesday, of all days. And after taking the field in his new Red Sox garb, the pictures that ensued breed discussion of the 28-year old’s weight — which predictably included fat jokes.

Now, fat jokes can be funny, don’t get me wrong. But as a fanbase we just met this guy. Do you really want to greet him with a hardy “‘sup, fatty?”?

Ortiz is one thing, we can joke with him. We’ve known him long enough. His nickname is BIG Papi for god sakes. With Sandoval, though, joking now is like making fun of the new fat kid in school before he even opens his mouth. We’ve skipped right over the “welcome to our class” and went straight to nailing him first in dodge ball.

Sandoval is big, and that’s okay. Mo Vaughn was big and he was the MVP in ’95. David Wells was big and he was a stalwart in the Jays and Yankees rotation. While can only hope that Sandoval finds comparable success in Boston, let’s first acknowledge him as one of our own and shelve the fat jokes.

  • Cole Hamels might still be a Red Sox trade target down the road, but for right now it appears as though he’s staying in Philadelphia. While it was reported that Boston was one of a handful of teams to offer the Phillies a serious bid for the southpaw, the wheels never were put in motion. While the names involved in the deal weren’t disclosed, it’s believed that Boston was offering a major league heavy package. This leads one to believe that highly coveted catcher Blake Swihart was left out of the deal. (Source: Nothing close with Red Sox Cole Hamels; Phillies know where Sox stand)
  • Following a dreadful rookie season and a host of new additions, Jackie Bradley Jr now finds himself buried on the Red Sox depth chart. With so many outfielders to spare, Boston has entertained offers for their former number one draft pick, with the Braves looking like the most serious suitor. Boston would be selling low on Bradley Jr, of course, so before they pull the trigger on a deal they’ll want to evaluate the roster’s health and perhaps give the 24-year old one last crack in Boston. (Braves interested in trading for Jackie Bradley Jr.)
  • The Yoan Moncada sweepstakes is heating up, and the Red Sox are right in the thick of it. Boston, along with four other clubs, is viewed as one of the favorites to land the 19-year old infielder. While the Red Sox don’t currently have a spot for Moncada, the team views his age as a chance to play wait-and-see with his future as a major leaguer. (The favorites to sign Yoan Moncada)
  • Tweet of the day: And he was still the best hitter in MLB history. Take that, Manfred.