Photo credit: Kelly O'Connor

Photo credit: Kelly O’Connor

Wednesday marked the official report date for pitchers and catchers to check in at their respective spring training camps. The Red Sox, however, already had most of their roster accounted for well before the mandatory arrival time. While no baseball action outside of bullpen sessions and light catches will take place for another few weeks, February 18th can be treated as the official start of the season — despite what the snow around you might say.

  • The Red Sox have adopted a video game simulation to help their scouting department. No, really. Since 2011, Boston has been testing minor leaguers and potential draftees with a computer program aimed to measure a given players pitch recognition. Neuroscouting, as its been called, can then offer detailed reports describing the strengths and weaknesses of a player. While the separation between a computer pitch and an MLB pitch is obviously great, neuroscouting offers a lot of promise with further tinkering and testing. (Neuroscouting may give Red Sox heads-up on prospects’ potential)
  • Pablo Sandoval’s weight will undoubtedly be a topic of conversation through out his tenure in Boston, but right now it really shouldn’t be. Sandoval, who broke into the big leagues with the Giants in 2008, has always been one of the leagues heavier players, but that hasn’t stopped him from being an above average third baseman. The biggest thing working in Sandoval’s favor is his age. At just 28-year of age, history suggests that Venezuela native should be just fine for the immediate future. (Does being fat matter? When it comes to Pablo Sandoval, we’re about to find out)
  • Turns out Blake Swihart isn’t just good at baseball, he’s good at…well every sport. Swihart’s athletic background spans the sports spectrum from wrestling, to basketball, and of course, baseball. (Blake Swihart was always amazing at everything)
  • The Red Sox held a terrific promotion on Tuesday that hasn’t received nearly enough press. Up until Wednesday, the team is offering two free tickets to a game this summer to any fan that digs out five fire hydrants in the city. Boston has over 13,000 hydrants scattered throughout the city, so there’s ample chance to score some freebees. (Boston residents can shovel out fire hydrants for free Red Sox tickets)
  • Tweet of the day: Don’t mind Curt Schilling, he’s just reminiscing about 2004 glory days.