The Red Sox made a huge acquisition this week, winning the bidding war for talented Cuban prospect Yoan Moncada. We won’t see Moncada in Boston right away, because he’s still very young and will need some time in the minors to adjust to the US. He’s such an exciting addition, though, that I came up with the top five reasons to be fired up for this move.

#5- Hearing “Moncada” pronounced with a Boston accent  

Yoan Moncada

Yoan Moncada

Cut to Don and Jerry broadcasting the Red Sox from Fort Myers.

Don: Here’s our first look at the young Yoan Moncada, the exciting Cuban prospect.

Jerry: I’ve been really impressed with Moncahder from what I’ve seen so far.

Comedy gold!

#4- Moncada’s workout gear  

Moncada held a workout for scouts to attend, and wore an athletic shirt so tight that it looked painted on. Someone needs to alert the Men in Blazers that we’ve found someone who wears a shirt so tight that it makes Arsenal look like they’re wearing sweatshirts. #Tight

#3 He didn’t go to the Yankees

The Red Sox-Yankees rivalry isn’t as bitter as it once was, but it’s still a coup to beat out the Yankees for a top dollar talent. Both teams had exceeded their international signing bonus cap for this past year, and the Red Sox were willing to push the bidding for Moncada to a level the Yankees wouldn’t match. It’s nice to see Yankees fans complaining on message boards about the Red Sox signing a player out from under them for once.

#2- Red Sox prospect depth

The Red Sox were considered a top five farm system in baseball BEFORE the Moncada signing. There’s a wave of talent either in (Christian Vazquez, Xander Bogaerts, Mookie Betts) or on the cusp (Blake Swihart, Garin Cecchini, Henry Owens, Eduardo Rodriguez) of the majors. Moncada joins a second tier of exciting prospects like Manuel Margot and Rafael Devers who are a little further from major league ready. There will still be plenty of exciting players to follow in the minors for the Red Sox this season.

#1- Signing Moncada equates to getting the #1 pick in the amateur draft

Finishing last in the division in 2012 and 2014 ‘earned’ the Red Sox the #7 pick in the amateur draft. They’ve never had the opportunity to get a true 1-1 talent, a player like Bryce Harper or Stephen Strasburg. Scouts consider Moncada that type of talent, a player who could have gone as the number one pick in the amateur draft if he was eligible. His reported skills combine the speed and power of the best Cuban players we’ve seen in majors. The Red Sox paid a steep cost ($31.5 million plus a 100% tax on that bonus), but it’s a calculated gamble on such a player with such potential. If Moncada’s skills live up to the hype, he’ll earn every penny.