You have a few months until the new the new MLB season starts in April, so you may be consoling yourself with sports themed games at Euro Palace. However, you may also wish to prepare for the new season by making use of the many great ways to watch the Red Sox on your digital devices. Here are two of the best… At Bat (free with in-app purchases)

The official At Bat app is free in the UK, although you’ll have to make in-app purchases to get the full experience. A single purchase works across all ‘like-minded’ platforms. This means that if you have both an iPhone and an iPad, you can use the features you buy on both devices. Similarly, Android users can use the app on their phone, tablet and Kindle Fire. This app gives you home/away radio and video streams, as well as real-time scoring updates throughout the whole season.

But a word of warning: the At Bat app can really cut through data so if you’re using 3G or 4G – so be careful!



MLB.TV Premium allows iPhone in the UK to watch all Major League Baseball games at a cost of £84.50. This one subscription lets you watch games on multiple devices. So, whether you want to catch the World Series live on your phone, PC/Mac, TV, or gaming console – the choice is yours!

If you’re a Boston-based Red Sox fan, you won’t be able to stream Old Towne games if they’re getting shown on local channels, as a result of the MLB blackout policy. However, Red Sox fans outside of Boston (including the UK) won’t have that problem.

For the most out of MLB.TV, the best option is still the Mac/PC web app. You get a clickable line score which allows you to look at any hitter’s at-bat from any single point in the game. You can also add the names of players to your fantasy team.

This means that when they do something of interest, you’ll receive a text alert and the ability to watch a video highlight! The option to watch up to four games at once is exclusive to those using Mac or PC.

The best console for receiving MLB.TV is undoubtedly the Sony Playstation 4. While the navigation page is a little busy for some, the video quality is simply outstanding. You also get stats and other data embedded in to the game. So if you want to jump to the next important event, such as a home run or a strike out, you can do so without scanning through the video in the hope of finding it.