Hosts: Paul Testa, Tim Daloisio
Guests: Mike Mutnansky (@MutWEEI), Host of Red Sox Radio Pre, Post and in-game on the WEEI Red Sox Radio Network

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The shine may be coming off the Red Sox rose a little bit after losing 8 of their last 13 and 5 of their last 7 games falling a game and a half behind the Baltimore Orioles in the A.L. East standings. A nation turns their lonely ears to the Red Sox Radio Network’s pre and post game host Mike Mutnansky to help Paul and Tim through this difficult time.

Who is most to blame for the Red Sox recent struggles? What does the forecast look like moving forward? How should Dave Dombrowski be managing his organizational assets to address the fatal flaw that is this Red Sox starting rotation — and a Will Middlebrooks shout out to boot.

All that and more on this week’s edition of Down by the River.

Thanks for listening!

**Editors note** The podcast formerly known as Fireside Chats has been rebranded as the Down by the River podcast in partnership with Dirty Water Sports. We will still publish episodes to Fire Brand — as we would hate for you all to miss us!