Hosts: Paul Testa, Tim Daloisio
Guests: none

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During last week’s #firefarrell special edition of DBTR, Paul and Tim told a precautionary tale of the prospects of a 6-3 homestand heading into the All-Star break actually being a bad thing for this Red Sox team in so far as it “saved” John Farrell his job (we aren’t the biggest fans of the current Red Sox skipper). Well, the Red Sox did us one better by overcoming this:

and finishing up with a nice and tidy 7-2 visit to Fenway Park.

Don’t get us wrong, we like winning baseball games, but this homestand was nothing but a red herring.

For as much as we criticize Farrell, the DBTR team takes the time to laud David Ortiz on his remarkable first half of the season. When was the last time we saw a 40 year old baseball player do something like this (not even Barry Bonds pulled this off past the age of 40).

We close the show recapping Trader Dave Dombrowski’s early moves and start to look forward to the trading deadline.

All that and more on this week’s edition of Down by the River.

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**Editors note** The podcast formerly known as Fireside Chats has been rebranded as the Down by the River podcast in partnership with Dirty Water Sports. We will still publish episodes to Fire Brand — as we would hate for you all to miss us!