Online gambling is one of the most popular activities to do to kill some time. Aside from casino games, you can also bet on sports online like cricket. To successfully bet on cricket, it’ll first require you to have discipline in yourself, along with sound money management to identify the value consistently. So, how can you bet on cricket? Let us find out below.

Betting on Online Cricket

So, what cricket tournament should you bet on? The first thing that you have to do is to know how to differentiate international and domestic cricket. In international cricket, they have three recognized game formats that are played with associate and full member nations.

Here are the three formats of cricket:

  • Test Cricket

This is cricket’s oldest form and will play for more than 5 days, the Test Cricket. The results of the game will depend on the players’ potential, the team may either win the game or finish it in a draw.

  • One-Day Cricket

This game was popularized way back in the year 1970s where it changed into the cricket we know. This game is played for one day and with 50 overs for all teams.

  • T20 Cricket

This game was popularized in the year 2000s, and it is the kind of game that brings excitement to a whole new level. This type of cricket game is either played in the evening or in the afternoon, where each team would get 20 overs.

Test Cricket Betting

IPL Betting on cricket can be an exciting game that you can play, especially if the game lasts for over five days. This is because it would give you enough time to think of a strategy when it comes to betting in cricket. If you got a lot of time to spare for test cricket betting, then you should make sure that you are available for a week to bet on this form of the game.

One-Day Cricket Betting

This game is often played during the day and night, the first inning would be played during the day and the second during the night. Each team will bat for 50overs where the winner takes home the trophy after scoring more runs than the other. The difference of one-day to test cricket is that one day cricket has a condition that a mandatory fielding restriction would be applied on the side or captain, depending on the match’s stage.

T20 Cricket Betting

Unlike the previous forms of cricket, the T20 cricket form is growing at a rapid rate in terms of popularity. This is not actually surprising, as players and betters would most likely want to play a game that would end within the day. This a good option that you can choose to bet on if you only have limited time in your hands.


Winning on a bet is not easy as winning will mostly depend on luck, therefore you’ll have to be patient when betting on a sports game like cricket. There may be a lot of cricket betting tips online that you can read that predicts the outcome of the game, but it would still be hard to tell if the tipsters are legit or not.

Therefore, aside from reading on tips and guide, you should also try making your own observation to be able to win on your bet.