Since last year’s victory, the Red Sox have been expected to do something amazing a second time in a row, going into 2019 with a championship title in their hand and leaving it with one, once again. At least that is what all of the roster analysis software from betting sites and casinos online told us. But, it seems that the final outcome of the game, while dependent on the roster, is not entirely based on it. Despite all of the predictions of a beautiful season with a beautiful roster, the games the Sox have been showing us have been a little less than impressive and a little more than disappointing. The Sox, to be frank, have been losing, a lot. This is because, while the roster might be decent, the execution is what is lacking. The players are simply not playing as well as they should be. Instead, they are failing a playing well left and right and ending up losing the season in one of the most disappointing displays for Boston ever. I mean, we might be used to the Red Sox not making it all the time, but it hurts all the more knowing what the Sox are capable of since their victory last year. 

Not bound for the playoffs

This has been an incredibly disappointing season for the Red Sox. Especially considering the fact that the team was setting records only last year, the fact that they are failing to perform this year hurts. But, there is more to it than just the pain of the Sox losing. It has to do more with the fact that the team will be missing the playoffs for the first time since 2015, and there is nothing more disappointing to a happy fan than that. We all wanted to see the Red Sox be amazing, but we all were ready for the Red Sox to be at least adequate. All we got was Red Sox being bad, extremely so. So bad that they ended up losing enough games to not make it into the playoffs. The little we were asking for is not something we got and that is what hurts the most.

But, now is not the question to talk about how disappointed we all are. Instead, it is time that we started talking about why this might have happened. It definitely has little to do with the roster, as the roster was proven to be quite effective. What many of us have found to be the problem is the way the players performed, the way they were striking out, the way they were pitching and even the way they were catching. All of it was off, and all of it we want to blame on the fact that the Red Sox forgot what playing the game is all about. IT is easy to start blaming individuals and start talking about how the managers and the coaches might have messed up. Although, there are several things that can be said for sure. The decision to keep the post-injury players in the bullpen, as well as Andrew Cashner in there,  might have been a little damaging to the team. Although there are those saying the team might have suffered, even more, there is little reason to say that. After all, when our team is losing as much as it is, it might be a good idea to pull out all the stops and give everything a shot. A bad strategy is going to stay bad while experimenting a little bit might be just the thing to achieve an unexpected result. 

Whatever it has been, it is too late for the Red Sox to keep hoping for anything other than 2020, where they will have a chance to prove to the fans that they still might have a chance at being a respectable team.