You probably know the iconic pair of hanging red socks. Yes, the logo for the Red Sox, now widely recognised as amongst the most iconic symbols of the game. You can’t look at the simple pair of hanging red socks without having images of baseball conjured up.

But this symbol had a long and interesting evolution, going through no less than 7 changes over the years. When looking back, it is amazing to see so many small, subtle changes being made. Most interesting of all is that the most modern iteration is the simplest to date, with almost all other aspects of the logo being dropped, leaving a simple pair of red socks, not making obvious that they relate to baseball at all.

2009 – Present

In this modern technological era, with fans able to watch baseball games live on their phone, even while they browse for an online casino NZ on the same device, things need to be as simple and straightforward as possible. At least that seems to be the logic behind the most modern iteration.

This is the logo we all know today; two hanging red socks, nothing more, and nothing less. But let’s go back and see where it started, and how it changed.

1901 – 1907

If you didn’t already know, now you do. The original logo was the letters B and A; Boston Americans. This was common for the era and was a unique opportunity at specific apuestas deportivas Argentina. but not especially eye catching or interesting to look at. Which is probably why the first change happened.


Now the team is known as the Red Sox. The two letters are dropped, and the word Boston is now on a single red sock. Certainly a great deal more eye catching, and the first indication of where things would be headed over the next few decades.

1909 – 1911

Uh oh, the red sock is gone. It has been replaced by the word Boston in red. Perhaps it was felt that the red sock looked more akin to the logo for a clothing manufacturer.

1912 – 1923

Now we have the word Red Sox in red, instead of Boston. The same font is used, so nothing much has changed except the letters themselves. 

1924 – 1960

The red socks are back. No letters, no words; just the two red socks. The only difference to the more modern logo is the simple white details on the heels and toes. But this is pretty much what we have today.

1961 – 1969

The sock logo itself has now been changed, appearing exactly as it does today. But a baseball has been added, encompassing the socks. Again; perhaps the need to distinguish from a clothing logo?

1970 – 1975

Very minor changes, with only the angle of the baseball stitching changing direction.

1976 – 2008

The most elaborate logo by far, and another that many are probably familiar with. It has the red socks, the encompassing baseball, and an additional circle encompassing both. The words Boston are displayed in black at the top, and Red Sox at the bottom.

From here, of course, it went to the two simple red socks.