We are going to deliver the answer to the question in this note: What is a matched bet? To speak of a matched bet, we must bear in mind that this is the same as referring to a popular bet; that is; it is when they accept our bet. But the matched bet terminology is common only at betting exchanges like Betfair and Betdaq. Here in these companies a bettor proposes a bet, and another bettor decides to accept it, that is when it is said that the bet is equal. In traditional betting companies the bookmaker proposes the bet in a market of an individual sport, and when we confirm the bet, it is automatically matched.

We already know that it is a matched bet, one that is accepted either by another user in a betting exchange house and by the normal house when the user confirms. In the case of a normal bet, for each sport or event the online sports betting company makes the offer of bets in different markets and sports, then the bettor takes the offer and the odds and decides to match the bet.

In betting exchanges, if a bettor makes a bet against it, for it to be called, then another bettor has to bet in favor, and vice versa.  So one can make money with help of Free Bets UK.

In markets where odds are changing rapidly, it is often difficult to follow the evolution of the last matched odds as it is constantly rising and falling, especially in events such as horse racing. To solve this problem, online betting site has a button that centers all the scales in this quota. In this way, you can always see the movement of the shares in the market without getting lost.

How to do matched betting

Placing Bets

With one-click bets, after determining the amount to bet in the Market Details (as we saw earlier), you can place bets. To put a matched bet, click on the odds against or in favor you desire to place, and the program will put a matched bet for the prearranged amount with the selected odds.

If it is a be alive occurrence, matched bets will not be positioned repeatedly. Even though this process, you will get sound alerts detail you if you’re matched bet was placed. You can also see if your matched bet has been the same or not in the individual menus on the correct side. Matched Bets can be placed with a single click with the confirmation.

You can change these options in Betting Settings. When bets are placed, they are placed immediately on the Unmatched Bets tab, and once they are matched, they go to the Matched Bets tabs. In these tabs, you can see the betting history in the market during your session. Matched bets are the only bets that are permanently placed and cannot be canceled.

Regarding Bet Persistence, you have three options available: Cancel Direct, Keep Direct, and Initial Price. If you select Direct Cancel, the program will cancel unmatched bets before the event begins. The second option, Keep Direct, leaves the unmatched bets waiting for someone to call them before the market goes live. Finally, if you select the Initial Price option, the unmatched bet will be equalized with the initial event fee, even if it is lower than the one initially defined.

The Bet Mode allows you to determine whether you want to view the bet for the amount wagered or for your liability. 

Choosing best bookmakers is really difficult or really easy, the truth, both are true. We have it difficult because the big betting houses are very even in many aspects, so we will not be able to choose one that is the best in everything. There is no one that stands out from the others, we must forget that.

However, we can perfectly say that it is easy, since we choose the one we choose, we will always be right since they are all of a very high level. It is not necessary to be faithful to a single bookmaker, because, in addition, depending on the sport, the competition or even the time of year, some may have better odds than others.