Smoking and sports is a topic that is relevant to many people. A lot of conflicting opinions can be found regarding the combination of training in the gym and smoking. Some people believe that sport will help minimize the harm from cigarettes, while others believe that sports can not be beneficial for heavy smokers. Maybe you should think about treating nicotine addiction with Zyban?

Cigarettes and the effectiveness of sports

Cigarettes smoked before training significantly reduce the effectiveness of sports activities – any trainer will confirm this for you. If you still want to combine smoking and sports, think about it: are you ready to pay monthly for the gym exercises that do not bring the desired effect to the extent that you could?

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The effect of smoking on the body

Attempts to combine smoking with sports activities lead to changes in almost all parts of the body:

Lungs. Those who are interested in whether it is possible to smoke and play sports need to understand: during sports training, due to physical exertion, the lungs increase in volume, gas exchange increases, and breathing quickens. Smoking after training helps ensure that all the harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke settle faster and deeper in the lungs and spread throughout the body. Only this is enough to answer the question of whether sport and smoking can be combined. Medical therapy with Zyban can fasten the process of smoking give up. The answer is negative: your body will wear out faster due to the accelerated production of harmful substances.

The cardiovascular system. Training dilates blood vessels, and smoking narrows and makes thinner. Can I smoke and go in for sports? Yes – if you are not afraid of the increased load on the heart because the vessels will expand, then narrow. Even if you are not embarrassed by the increased likelihood of a heart attack, think about the fact that the heart muscle, which is experiencing heavy loads, contributes to increased fatigue, which significantly reduces the effectiveness of sports. So, we get one more argument in favor of the fact that the answer to the question, “Is it possible to smoke and run or go to the gym?” will be negative.

Nervous system. Smoking impairs coordination and the ability to concentrate on tasks, makes a person less resilient, more distracted, and impatient. Therefore, smoking and sports are incompatible: to achieve high-quality results, all of the above qualities are required: the ability to endure stress, concentrate, and wait patiently.

How to minimize the harm from smoking

If you can’t stop smoking in any way, but you plan to go in for sports, regular classes may help you give up addiction! Those who ask whether it is possible to smoke and run, to do strength training and other sports, you need to remember a few rules:

Do not smoke a few hours before training and within half an hour after class.

Do not drag on cigarettes before and after meals, so as not to interfere with the absorption of nutrients.

Choose cigarettes that are low in nicotine.

To summarize: the gym and smoking are not compatible things. We wish you to overcome your addiction and start your day not with a morning cigarette, but with a stimulating run!